roof might cave

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If your roof caves in, the damage, that it will cause, could be extremely expensive. If you are not a DIY expert, you might not know what the signs of a rotting roof are. Over time, the tiles on a roof begin to wear away and break. When that happens, you need to act fast so that you can stop the problem getting worse. Here are some killer signs that your roof needs repairing.

There is too much snow on your roof

As we are in the midst of winter, we need to talk about snow. When snow settles on your roof, it puts an extra level of strain on the structure itself. You might think that is no big deal, but it is. Old roofing can’t handle the pressure that snow puts on it. If you take a look at your roof and it appears to be slumping down, you need to do something about it as soon as possible. The first thing, you should do, is clear the snow or hail. Next, you need to make some necessary repairs.

Your tiles have started to come loose

If the tiling of your roof is loose, it means the roof itself is not secure. If your roof is more than ten years old, you might find that the tiles begin to come away from the structure. That in itself can be a massive danger to both you and your family. If you see even one tile fall from your roof, you need to make sure that you find out why. It could be that the tile is a symptom of a significant structural issue.

There is moisture coming through the ceiling

If you have damp patches coming through onto your ceiling, there could be many causes for this problem. Of course, you could have a condensation issue in your home. Another reason for the damp could be that your roof is not weather-proof. If your roofing lets water into your home, it could need replacing soon. You should do a few tests to see where the problem lies.

You can see the roof rotting

The worst thing, which could happen to your roof, is that it rots. When you can see visible signs of rotting, you need to take action right away. Find a company to do a full roof replacement in Utah before it is too late. When a roof starts to rot, it is only a matter of time before it caves in on the house. That is the worst case scenario, but you need to avoid it at all costs. Talk to someone as soon as you see that there is an issue. That way you can make sure you catch the problem in time.

The tiles have started to lose their color

You might not pay attention to the tiles of your roof at all. Most people don’t bother to look up at their roof at all. When the tiles start to change color, though, you need to check whether they are still safe. Discoloration is a sure sign of rot, and so you need to look out for it. Look at the color of your roof on a regular basis and watch out for signs of change.

There is a dip in your ceiling

If you have a noticeable slump in your ceiling, the cause could be your roofing. When the main beams fail, you will find that there is no longer a level of support for your roof. That means that your ceiling will have to support your tiles and roof. The roof is thick, and so your ceiling will not hold it for long. The best thing, you can do, is replace the primary beams as a temporary fix.