There comes a time in many homeowner’s lives when it’s time to put a new roof onto their home. Luckily, there are many types of roofing options for you to choose from. If you’re preparing to put a new roof onto your home, it’s important for you to understand what you’re getting into. While there are other great choices, pitched roofing truly seems to be the best option for someone to go with, and here’s why!

They Save Energy

An incredible amount of energy escapes through the roof. Pitched roofs are designed to allow ventilation between the outer layer of the roof and the building itself.


When it comes to environmental hazards, such as ice, snow and wind, pitched roofing is meant to withstand it all. If you’d like a tough roof that’s fireproof and waterproof, then contact your local roofers in Tamworth to discuss putting a pitched roof onto your home.

They Simply Last Longer

If you’re considering putting a flat roof onto your home, you may want to think again.

  • Pitched roofs require less repairs than flat roofs.
  • Pitched roofs, especially when they’re done with slate, can last for over 100 years!

Putting a new roof onto your home is a huge decision that tends to cost quite a bit of money. If you want a new roof that will last the test of time, then make sure to consider putting a pitched roof onto your home. There’s no time to wait, so contact your local roofers immediately!

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Seth Frantz
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