Moving from one place to another is an exciting adventure, but it can also be stressful and daunting, especially if it’s your first time. There are so many things to arrange, so many things to do, and such little time to do them in. However, it doesn’t have to be as bad as it seems – being organised and being able to plan in advance is the secret to a successful move.

With all the things you have to arrange and take care of (letting other people and offices know about your new billing address, the actual packing and labelling of boxes, the arrangement for transportation, and so on) it may seem silly to actually go through the lengthy motions of making a complete inventory of all your possessions. However, if you want to do things the right way, it’s necessary. Here are the top benefits of doing an inventory of your items before your move.

Understand the scope

Possibly you own more things than you originally realised. The simple act of making an inventory will allow you to decide what needs to stay and what items you don’t need anymore; it will give you a chance to de-clutter. Furthermore, you’ll get an idea of the scope of your possessions, and that’s important for various reasons: packing, costs, arranging for transportation, and so on.

Estimating costs

The more you have, the more materials you’ll need for packing, and (possibly) the larger your transportation or removal trucks have to be. Having an inventory will help you determine the costs involved in packing and removal.

Arranging for requirements

Once you’ve made a list, you can sort items according to their properties and pack them together. It will give you a good idea of how many boxes, and how much tape, as well as protective packing material you need.

Saving time in the long run

When you have an inventory, you can organise the unpacking in a much better way. Your inventory will save you plenty of time.

Insurance needs

Once you’ve made an inventory, you can talk to your insurance company and a removals Cheltenham firm to see which items need special coverage or special care.

Of course, being able to have a check-list handy will ensure two more important aspects. First of all, you’ll be able to keep track of everything that has been moved, and you’ll be able to see if anything is missing at the end of the challenge. Secondly, your unpacking will be much more streamlined and organised, as you will immediately know which box goes into what room, and which items should be unpacked first. Making an inventory is not a hassle – it’s a way to protect yourself, and a method of staying on top of things.