Artificial or synthetic grass was first introduced in 1960. Now, its uses and popularity has increased. It is not only used in sports field, but in homes for recreational, commercial and residential properties as well. With these transformations, much attention has been given to the numerous benefits and advantages of artificial grass than natural grass.

Especially in Sydney, synthetic grass has been popularly used – from homes to offices to playgrounds. Upkeep, problems in growing natural turf and water constrictions are just a number of the reasons why the demand for an artificial surface grows. If you want to address your issue in watering, maintenance and mowing, the best way is to get assistance on your synthetic grass Sydney from Australian Synthetic Lawns.

Why fake grass is getting more popularity in Sydney?

Whether you reside in a low water area or simply sick of maintaining your maintenance on a regular basis, fake grass is such a good option. In Sydney, synthetic grass for recreation and landscaping continue to grow every year. Meaning to say, increasingly more homeowners use artificial for lawns, rooftops, dog runs, pool surrounds, play areas, attractive lines between patio pavers, putting greens and more.

How can you tell if artificial grass is right for you?

Are you tired of constant weeding, fertilizing, watering and cutting of real grass? Faking is definitely suited to you. Also, it can be considered if you prefer not using herbicides and chemical fertilizers, your water bills are very high and you believe that fake turf looks good just like real grass.

Now is the time to consider fake grass!

Fake Grass

Real and natural grass is fine. However, it is not capable of keeping up with the people’s use at all times. This is true particularly for baseball and basketball fields as the grass is expose to heavy use from tumbling down and running throughout game events.

But it’s expensive!

Fake grass is known for being costly to install, (about $5-$20 per square foot) but the benefits of owning one are superior. Aside from saving your water bills and freeing yourself from mowing, watering, and fertilizing, it is offering a very natural look making it impossible to tell artificial grass from genuine grass unless it is intimately inspected. Plus, it is free for the next 15-25 years as soon as installed.

This sort of man-made material graces an array of sports fields for baseball, football, lawn tennis, field hockey and baseball. For most sports organizations, synthetic grass is a very cost-effective option for them. Apart from its use in stadiums and sports fields, it is also preferred by architects managing commercial projects that need landscaping.

These days, there are extensive varieties of installers and suppliers, thus, conducting a thorough research is important. Whether you need artificial grass for playgrounds or for commercial use, Australian Synthetic Lawns offers exceptional service and installation. With the right fake grass provider, have a confidence to maximize the value of your property without breaking the bank!