Ah, the great outdoors! We all love spending time outside every now and again, especially in the lovely gardens and lawns that we keep in our own backyards. There are many long and proud traditions of lawn and garden-keeping throughout the world, from naturalistic Japanese lawns to highly ordered French styles to lush options right here in the UK. Exterior décor has long been one of the biggest considerations in home design, an ethos in which these lawns have played a considerable part.

Few elements have contributed to that more than conservatories. Throughout the past few centuries, conservatories have seen their styles change and shift but have never wavered in terms of their popularity. They’re as popular today as they were in Queen Victoria’s time, and they remain a great way to add a touch of class and utility to any exterior décor arrangement.

Victorian Conservatories

From Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights to The Mill on the Floss and Tess of the d’Urbervilles, Victorian literature is overflowing with texts taking place amidst the rolling green beauty of the British countryside. As such, it should come as no surprise that the Victorians had a great affinity for conservatories, and their style remains extremely popular today. A Victorian-style conservatory will typically feature three to five facets and ornate ceilings. The front is typically elevated, with the overall design aesthetic one being of precision and order – values held in high esteem throughout the Victorian period.

As such, these conservatories are a great way to add a sense of elegance and grandeur to your backyard.

Edwardian Conservatories

The Edwardian period was one of an embattled status quo before the great changes of the twentieth century took place. Edwardian-style conservatories may be seen as reflective of that, continuing the Victorian style with a few tweaks, most notably a shift to a more deliberately squared design aesthetic and a greater emphasis on internal space. These types of conservatories are thus a great for those looking to use their conservatories as outdoor sitting areas or even as a full-blown guest house.

Gabled Conservatories

Everyone has heard of Anne of Green Gables, and you can bring the glory of gabled rooftops to your backyard with this types of conservatory. The combination of both the spacious square interior and iconic large, slanting windows meeting in a gabled top make this style of conservatory perfect for growing and maintaining plants. The refracted light and airy atmosphere make these gabled greenhouses absolutely stunning.

Affording Your Conservatory

One of the biggest questions facing those looking to upgrade their home with a conservatory is naturally that of cost. As such, when looking to install a conservatory in your home, it is essential that you do so with the help of a professional agency. They can help you with everything from designing the structure to tracking down the best conservatory prices in Yorkshire and beyond.

The UK has a long tradition of lovely rolling green lawns. Add to that tradition today with a great new conservatory that evokes the beauty of the past in a present garden setting!