No doubt, relocating from one house to the other can prove to be extremely stressful. Here are certain tips that can help in making the overall process easy for you.

Make a checklist

The checklist should include details like the overall number of boxes, electronic items, the number of bags to be loaded in the truck, and color code for boxes containing stuff from different rooms.

Before giving possession of your house to the owner, make sure that you note down reading for power, water and gas meter so that you can pay bills for the same accordingly.

Experts suggest property occupants inform gas, power, water supply, broadband, and cable TV companies about the address change at least one month in advance.

It’s also advisable to visit the local post office and update your new address so that mails can be redirected. In some American cities, this can also be done online.

Once you reach your new home, make sure that you take meter readings and send them to the owner as well.

Use this opportunity to save money

It’s possible that broadband and cable supplier may take multiple days to transfer the connection. So, if you are really not happy with the service that you are getting, you should consider going with a different provider. So, check rates and the contract details for all the companies that offer services at your new address. Use this opportunity to not only switch broadband but also power and water supplying company. But, do check if your existing provider charges early contract termination fees in case of disconnecting service before the end of the contract period.


Special packing needs

Items like TV set, washing machine, AC, microwave oven, desktop computer and certain lighting fixtures may require special packing for transportation. If you do not have boxes and other packing material for these items, make sure that you inform the moving company about the same so that they can bring appropriate packing tools and boxes with them. This needs to be mentioned while asking for quotes as boxes may attract additional charges. Get in touch with long distance moving companies nyc to get the best quote.

Go with packers and movers that have insurance coverage

There’s a lot that can happen while transporting stuff from one house to the other. It’s obvious; some removals companies do not take any responsibility for damages and they do not have insurance as well. Thus, while choosing packers and movers make sure that they are a part of professional bodies and have a good reputation, positive feedback from existing clients on forums and review sites.

Discuss details about additional charges for labor, assembling, disassembling, fuel, parking, road tax, VAT, etc. while getting quotes itself.

Don’t select companies that hesitate to talk about damage insurance offered in case of any damages caused to your stuff. If you are looking for a cheaper quote, avoid moving on weekends or national holidays.

Find pet care center nearby your new house

If you are from one of those individuals who love to remain surrounded by pets, you should definitely find information about pet care centers and a vet located nearby your new house. If possible, try to keep your pets at pet care center two days before and after shifting, so that your pets won’t create hurdles while moving.