If you’re a designer or a contractor looking for inspiration, you might need some fresh ideas. Modern design incorporates a lot of new elements that weren’t previously focused on before: wood and metal. In the case of both of these materials, there are several different things you can do with them.

However, it can be harder to accent your modern designs with metal. Metal accents look great, and designers and contractors are starting to realise the aesthetic benefit of using stainless steel as an accent in their designs. There are several ways you can use stainless steel to create a modern, elegant look for your client, and they’ll be guaranteed to love your new design insights.

Stainless Steel


As an architect, contractor, or designer, it’s your job to impress the client by ensuring that they get design elements that are practical, attractive, and affordable in the same breath. This can prove to be an overwhelming task for some designers. However, using stainless steel for fencing and railing can be a great way to get started on incorporating stainless steel into prospective designs.

You can start by trying to design a balustrade that uses stainless steel wire, stainless steel balusters, and a handrail of your choosing. The handrail could be made from wood, glass, or even other forms of metal. The choice is yours. All that matters is the presence of stainless steel, as it will add a great visual element to the fencing you design for your client.

Balusters look great in stainless steel, but they do not have to only hold wire. They can also support glass panels in your railing, giving the fencing an even more modern look. If you’re looking for a place that can give you all of these options and more, you should check online.

If you find a good company, make sure that they can build the product you’re looking for. You can ask for a quote online or over the phone, and you can even see whether they have intuitive products that come fully assembled.

Other Hardware

While fencing is a great opportunity to throw in some stainless steel accents, why stop there? There are several other opportunities to utilise stainless steel as a design element. A shade sail, for instance, is a great place to use stainless steel. If you’d like to build a shade sail for your client, you’ll need a durable outdoor material that is both sturdy and flexible, so be sure to do some research on the materials available. You’ll also need things like brackets, eye bolts, eye nuts, hooks and fasteners, and other supplementary hardware. If you’re looking for an opportunity to incorporate the stainless steel look, the hardware supporting the shade sail is the perfect place to implement it.

Because shade sails are usually matte in colour and texture, the shininess of the steel is a perfect accent to the base material. In modern design, balancing colours and textures is extremely important. Moving forward, you should consider other opportunities to create this kind of balance in your designs by incorporating stainless steel into the other elements you’re working on.

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