People living in small spaces often face many challenges. Though small rooms are good to see but things are difficult to arrange. However, the fact is that some like living in small home but others can’t afford the bigger one or worried to maintain the large space. But there are problems with the small space that either you have to compromise at the decoration end or adjust to the lifestyle in order to fit in it.

In a city like Mumbai popular for skyscraper buildings there are many interior designers working at a fast pace. These professionals give the best ideas on residential projects including wide area of style and layouts. All you have to do is make the right choice in finding the best residential interior designers in mumbai  for ideas to make the area look and feel larger.

Howver, the key to live happily in small area is following the space-saving solutions and designing your own style. With bright colour, furniture arrangement and lighting also you can space up every corner of the house. Alternatively, you can take the help of top interior designers in mumbai to work things out.

So, if you are looking to stretch out your small space, you can follow these decorative changes to make it larger.  Let’s check them out:

  1. Flooring Style

Multiple flooring style display the spaces and the small room looks smaller. Single flooring flowing makes the room look larger. Make sure you choose wider boards with tiles and large-format design. You can also go for striped floor as it will make the room look longer.

  1. Wall Shades

The lighter the shade the room seems bigger and brighter. Since light colours are reflective increasing the effects of natural light in that region. So, whenever choosing for wall shades, make sure you make good choice of low contrast for the surface. Choose pale colours like white, cream to keep it light and harmonious.

  1. Airy Look for Windows

Try to keep your windows uncovered and keep the appearance matching with the wall colour. You can try white drapes for an airy feel that will make you feel relaxed and calm.

  1. Place Mirrors

Mirrors work best when it comes to make a space appear larger. You can choose full-length large mirror or hang multiple pieces for a statement wall.

  1. Lighting

Arrange the lights such as floor lamps in such a way that the base and shade lie in same line. It enhances the style and visual impact of the light as well. Also, let the natural light of sun enter the room which will make your room brighter and bigger.

  1. Furniture for Good Furnishing

Putting the furniture at the appropriate place and direction make the space look larger.  Multifunctional furniture is the best way to streamline a room. Try different furniture layouts and arrange it creating space between functional zones. You can keep some desk behind a sofa for the style or place the chairs and sofa in such a manner that it divides the living room from the dining hall.

7. Choose monochromatic colours

You can work on the  Monochromatic Colour Scheme. It is the selection of colours that are in same colour family and this you can apply on the fabrics, wall finishing, drapery fabrics. Choosing the cool colours and on various surface can give the room a much wider look.

So, whenever taking the furniture, fittings, curtains and carpets – try to pick the different shades and tones of a single family. This look will be soothing to the eyes and you can easily add a finishing touch to the whole room.

  1. Be Creative with Decorative pieces

In small space, putting up more decorative items will end up covering the space and making it smaller.  So, the home which is already lacking in space, showcasing the decorative items will make it more congested. Try to place only few antique collection or the one you like and remove the others and keep them away.

  1. Arrange the Shelves

In order to utilize the space properly, try to get the built-in shelves. The custom built-in is good for small area as you can use it according to your needs and add up a feature to expand the usage. Arrange the shelves leaving some space in it for an airy look. Make sure you keep the things in proper manner. All this make the ceiling look higher.

10. Clean and Clear all the Clutter Around

Clean room itself is the good makeover for the entire home. The stuffs messed all around the room makes the room look untidy as well as smaller. The clutter makes the small space look small and cramped. You can easily make the room look bigger by cleaning and clearing all the clutter around.

With all this you can make small space look more spacious. All you need to work out on the ways to get everything organized behind the doors or placing the furniture and lightings, shelves etc.  The things when neatly arranged and placed at appropriate place surely the space will look more open and orderly.