Bitumen is used to repair asphalt quickly and easily. One of the best things about bitumen is that it can be driven on nearly straight away after it has been laid down.

Your driveway is exposed to all manner of stresses, such as cold weather and cars which press down on the surface.

The problems which can be solved include cracks, splits and potholes. You should have the driveway inspected on a regular basis so that these issues can be spotted and dealt with without a delay at all.

Which repairs can be carried out using bitumen?

The Cracks In The Driveway Can Be Filled In

Cracks can develop in the driveway if there have been several changes in temperature. These cracks need to be dealt with as soon as possible.

A bitumen driveway in Perth will be laid down so that you are not going to have to drive over cracks anymore.

The Potholes Can Be Filled In

The driveway might have developed some potholes because of the pressure of the cars that are being driven on it and parked there. These potholes can look unsightly. The potholes can be filled in with some bitumen and then your vehicle can be parked on top without any difficulty whatsoever.

This can be repeated whenever a pothole or several of them appear in the driveway.

The Crumbling Concrete Can Be Covered

You can have a crumbling concrete driveway repaired with some bitumen. This is going to strengthen the concrete and make it more resistant to heavy rainfall. You will not have to worry about rain damaging the driveway once the new bitumen has been put down.

Problems Recap

Here are all the problems which can be solved by using bitumen on the driveway:

1) Cracks can be covered over with bitumen

2) Potholes can be filled in with bitumen

3) Crumbling concrete can be reinforced by using bitumen

What About Roads That Are Near Your House?

The roads near your home can be filled in. You might have noticed that speed bumps are becoming cracked. These can be fixed by using the bitumen solution. Also, cracks in the road will be filled in when the bitumen is used.


You can have the driveway inspected for damage on a regular basis and then bitumen will be applied wherever it needs to be put down. The inspections are not going to take a large amount of time, so you will be able to get on with the rest of your day without another interruption. These inspections can be carried out by a professional.


Damage to your driveway is something that you should keep an eye out for, but you should not be unduly worried because there is a simple solution. The bitumen is fast-acting and it is going to restore your driveway. Once it has set, you will be able to use the driveway as you normally would.