The interior designing industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades. The freedom afforded to interior designers, by building managers and owners, has led to some of the most beautifully designed buildings in the world. Over time, there has been a lot of progress in the types of products that interior designers can use for buildings. Now, there are many different types of ceiling enhancements, wall paints, flooring options, and panelling options available to interior designers.

Over the past decade or so, wall panels have become tremendously popular in many buildings. In Australia, wall panelling is generally installed in commercial and residential buildings to add a unique look. These 3D panels add a unique touch to any room they are installed in, and can also be used outdoors. Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider installing these panels.

An Extensive Variety of Effects

If you want to spice up the interior of a building, these panels will help you with just that. Compared to conventional wall paint, or any other aesthetic enhancement, wall panelling is a very good idea. Not only are these panels good-looking, but there are also several different types of panels that you can choose from. There are colourful variants available, along with simpler, uni-coloured panels that are more suitable for use in professional environments.

In addition to which, external panels are also available which can completely change the way a building looks. These panels can add a unique touch to the interior or exterior of virtually any building. On top of that, buildings that have panels often command a much greater price in the real estate market. These are aesthetic enhancements that most buyers are ready to pay top dollar for! With so many different styles of panels to choose from, you can always come up with a unique combination for your house, or any other commercial building.


Wall panelling that’s installed on the exterior of a building is extremely durable and can easily withstand the damage caused by atmospheric elements. You don’t need to worry about rain, or the harmful UV rays from the sun, damaging the panels any time soon. These panels are made from a resilient, durable material that is not affected so easily. Rest assured, your wall panelling will remain firmly in place and won’t lose colour for many years to come.

Thermal and Noise Insulation

Wall panelling basically adds an additional layer onto the walls, which offers additional insulation from noise and also prevents heat from escaping from the house so easily. As a result, you can think of these panels as an investment of sorts. While they add aesthetic appeal to any place they are installed in, these panels are also going to bring down your utility bills on a monthly basis. Stone panels are also available, which look and feel just like stone walls, but are actually much lighter and very easy to maintain compared to other materials.