If your boiler suddenly loses heat, it is not only inconvenient but it can indicate serious problems with the system. When a boiler is having issues and repairs are necessary, you will need to contact a plumber who has the skills to repair boiler problems. Here are three reasons why your boiler may lose heat or suddenly shut down.

Ice Blockages

During extremely cold weather, the condensation in the boiler’s pipes can freeze and cause a blockage. The condensate will then “back up” because of the blockage and the boiler will shut down. To get the boiler running again, the pipes will need to be thawed by a professional to get rid of the blockage so the condensate runs freely again.

Water Leaks

A water leak in the heating system can cause the boiler to lose pressure, which will cause heat loss. The leak will cause low water pressure, which prevents the system from producing enough heat to warm your house. If you’re experiencing heat loss, a plumber who is qualified to work on West Yorkshire boilers – servicing, replacements and repairs should be hired to find the leak and repair it to restore the water pressure and heat.

Air in Radiators

Another reason for a boiler to lose heat is air in the system. If the radiators in your home feel warm on the bottom but cool on top, then there is probably air in the system. A plumber can perform a power flush to get rid of excess air so your heating system can provide the heat that your home needs.

Even though your boiler may be regularly maintained, problems can still occur. If your home is too cold, contact a plumber to have your heating system inspected to find any problems that there may be and have them repaired so your home is cosy during cold weather.