Homeowners in the UK have one more thing to worry about with rats potentially infesting over one million different homes across the country. The need forpest control for rats is particularly common in bigger cities like London and Manchester.

Many councils and environmental health agencies in the larger UK cities are trying to limit the rat problems by better informing homeowners in the area. In areas that are poorly maintained and don’t rid of refuse on a regular basis, rat infestations can become a serious issue for many families and businesses. When rats are deterred from the area, the infestations become fewer and fewer.

Rats are attracted to anywhere that can provide them with food, water and shelter. This is why many rats often favour living in the sewers. Rats are brilliant at burrowing, and once they’re in your home they can cause some serious damage. If they find a great source of food that can also give them some warmth, they will never want to leave and you’ll be left with a rat infestation on your hands.

It’s critical to get rid of all of your rubbish and food waste, and to not let it build up outside of your home. This is a huge attraction for rats, so the cleaner you are the less likely you are to come into contact with a rat.

People in the UK are experiencing more rat infestations because of struggles with waste collection. Some areas only get their bins picked up once every three weeks, leaving rubbish outside for quite a long time. Once a bin is overflowing and can’t be shut properly, it’s a great feasting spot for rats, and it will draw a lot of rats towards the area.

To avoid having to deal with a rat problem in your home, be very careful to manage your waste and recycling so that is complies with the local legislation as much as possible. Those rules are put in place for a reason, and will really go a long way for preventing rats. The rules may differ from region to region, depending whether you are local to London or elsewhere in the UK, so check with your own local council to be sure.

Sometimes just doing correct waste management isn’t enough to keep rats away from your property. This is the point where you should call a professional pest controller to come and help you with your problem, and remove all the rats from your home or business.