Metal finishing is the process of altering the surface of an object for the specific purpose of improving its durability and appearance. This is closely related to what is known as electroplating, which is the actual production of a thin surface metal coating.

This type of surface finishing can cover a wide range of industrial-type processes that manipulate and alter the surface of metal to accomplish a certain property. These processes are employed to control surface friction, remove surface flaws, modify electrical conductivity, enhance hardness, and improve wear, chemical resistance, adhesion, wettability, corrosion resistance, and much more. Although this process is typically applied to new products, it can be implemented in an effort to salvage an item or restore it to its original dimensions.

What Is Metal Finishing Used for?

Metal finishing has a part in the production of billions of items manufactured throughout the entire world. It is used for a variety of reasons but mostly the physical enhancement of the substrate, which is traditionally metal although the process can sometimes be applied to plastic and wood products.

Regular Maintenance

An important aspect of preserving your PB Metal Finishing Systems for long-term use is keeping up with proper maintenance and repair. Not only is the installation and testing of your system performed on site but company services are with you every step of the way in all the types of upkeep and support that your powder coating plant may require.

When working with a metal finishing system, you want to make sure that you are in good hands. Working with someone who has expertise and knowledge in every area of the finishing industry is a must to ensure that your manufacturing process is always running smoothly and efficiently. Whether you need repairs, modifications, commissioning, site wiring, new installations, gas analysis, COSHH testing, plant evaluations, burn off testing, relocations, or just overall consultations, you’ll want a dedicated professional team that you can trust to be there when you need it.

Planning your system’s maintenance ahead of time is a good way to ensure that everything is functioning as it should be and avoid the complicated aspects of remembering and organising a full inspection on a yearly basis. It’s recommended to establish a regular servicing order to provide ease of service and peace of mind.

Emergency Repair

In times of emergencies, your metal finishing system service provider should be available on a 24-hour basis or quicker with the flexibility to work within your schedule. Any potentially dangerous leaks or gas system issues should be resolved immediately to protect everyone in your facility.

Metal finishing systems are a big part of what makes your business run successfully and you want to make sure that someone is there when you need it. When you install a metal finishing system in your facility, support is an important aspect of your service. Don’t settle for the guys that set it up and forget it; work with a company that is going to make sure that your needs are adequately addressed.