Are you planning to create a modern kitchen at your home and wondering, where to start from? In my career of interior designing, I have seen people fretting over the mere idea of planning the interior decoration. I completely understand their situation. It is obvious that your home is almost like a dream come true for you, as you have invested not only a lot of money, but also your time and effort in it. So, obviously, you would like it to be perfect. So, what you should do when you are thinking of designing a modern kitchen in that home?

A modern kitchen is the one where you will find style class and functionality fused together. For that, every little detail of the kitchen needs your attention. Wondering, where you should start from? Think about a color first. It is because the color is going to dominate the kitchen for you. Wall, cabinets, floor and accessories, everything depends on the color you are choosing. Wondering, which color can perfectly define your sleek modern kitchen? I will suggest white. Yes, from pristine coolness to the welcoming warmth, white has everything to offer you and to make your cooking area visually enjoyable for you. Obviously, you or your spouse will be going to spend most of the time there.

Now, you must be thinking if the white will look fun enough or not, right? Of course, you should be worried since white apparently is often considered to be boring. But, do you know that this is the only color that offers you many liberties to experiment with the design and décor? So, if you are wondering how you will be able to make it work in your kitchen, then take a look at the following points to know more.


Choose the Right White

Frankly, this is the trickiest part of it all. Choosing the white will decide what type of white kitchen cabinet you will opt for. So, choose the shade carefully. You can choose the clear and flawless white or you can opt for warm cozy creamy white. White is actually a good choice if your kitchen is small. It will give an illusion of space in the kitchen. It will also help you make the kitchen happy and bright always. Needless to say, the bright atmosphere of the kitchen will make the stay in there more comfortable.

Add Metallic Touch

When we are talking about a modern sleek kitchen, a bit of touch of metal can give it that contemporary look. A touch of sleek steel here and there or bronze knobs and handles can do the trick. While choosing the lights, choose the metals as it will also break the monotony.

Sharp Contrast

When you are thinking of breaking the monotony, it is necessary that you choose the contrasting countertop. Opt of black stone or dark brown for the countertop. It will not only break the boredom, but will also lend the classic contrast of black and white to the kitchen.

Splash of Happy Hues

When are you keeping everything so clean and pristine, how about adding a splash of happy colors and brightness in your kitchen? Add colored roman blinds on the window covering. It will offer a classy appeal. Choose pop color cushions for the chairs in the kitchen. The Happy sitting arrangement can add up the “welcoming feel” of the kitchen. Add colorful area rug, as it will add a quirky touch to your kitchen décor.

So, now you know how you can ace the game of white kitchen décor, what are you waiting for? Find a reliable kitchen cabinet wholesaler and choose the right cabinets and start working on the design.