Your garden needs to perform a few functions; it needs to look good, provide some protection for your house, and provide a space for you and your family to gather if you want. One of the best ways to do so is to hire a team of professionals to work with you to create the best possible garden. General landscapers will mow your garden, trim the hedges, and generally make it look nice. However, if you want a more involved process, you should work with them on plant schemes.

Plant Schemes

A plant scheme is the design of your garden as it relates to what plants you would like to have. Recently, gardens have begun to take on more vegetables and herbs. The trend is now for gardens to look almost reminiscent of victory gardens from the middle of the 20th century. Many people, even those living in the heart of the city, have begun planting rows of vegetables. Some like to keep flowers or just general shrubs. However, you should definitely consider trees. Gardeners in Surrey can help you design a scheme around the different types of trees you want.

Types of Trees

Generally, trees are divided into shade trees, flowering trees, and fruit trees. Shade trees are ones that grow very large and generally provide dense foliage, which will help cut the amount of light hitting your house and provide shade. Shade trees are great for reducing cooling costs during the summer; they also provide useful windbreaks in case of storms. Fruit trees are obviously those trees that produce fruit; nut trees often fall into this category as well.

Many fruit trees have voluminous foliage so they can serve multiple purposes. Flowering trees are great for aesthetic purposes. They also do much to attract birds and bees, which will help you pollinate other plants if you have them.

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