The kitchen and the bathroom are two of the most important parts of your home. If you’re looking into giving it a new look, Perini knows what you need. With their team of experts, they are the best in KITCHEN, BATHROOM & RENOVATIONS. Perini will work closely with you where you can choose from their wide range of designs.

            With their years of experience, the team can assure you that your kitchen or bathroom will be fit for your family’s lifestyle. During the consultation process, you will be provided with a fixed price so there are no unexpected costs. For 25 years, Perini has been a member of HIA or Housing Industry Association.

The Perini “Handmade” Tile Collection

With Perini, you can choose from their long list of wonderful looking tiles. From porcelain to ceramic, handmade, natural or glass. They also have, bisazza, mosaics, and even tiles for your pool. All in unique and fun designs.  Handmade designs are their top sellers in the kitchen and the bathroom.

  • Archaic. These are Moroccan tile designs which have been around for hundreds of years. This type of design has been used all over the world. These are handmade tiles which are often painted designs that are usually inspired by century-old Moroccan traditions. With Perini, each Archaic tile is unique which has its own story.
  • Argo. Argo are concrete patterned tiles which are created to give emphasis to any wall or floor space. This is best for all interior wall and floor surfaces.
  • Casablanca. These tiles are purely glazed by hand. It has intense-looking colors with unique shapes that are encapsulated which makes it different from other handmade products. You can even have any color or shape custom made depending on your design.
  • Concrete. Concrete tiles were first used during the 1800s. The concrete tiles are still one of the most preferred tiles, especially now that there are fresh modern designs that emphasizes the traditional and local craftsmanship.
  • Greg Natale Cubo. In CUBO, Greg Natale has made a lot of designs for home renovators and design enthusiasts which are eye-catching wall and flooring specific designs.
  • High Tea. These are handmade painted ceramic tiles that look simple but classy. With Perini, they have 4 available pastel colors with 2 amazing designs that you can choose from.
  • Messina. Messina has an old-world look with decorative motifs and colors. These are handmade designs that would also be best for walls and floors.
  • Moroccan. These are Arabesque lantern shaped designs that are based on century-old Moorish traditions. These are handmade and hand painted which shows individual characteristics of brush strokes with color variations and crazing.
  • Prato. These are rich, handcrafted tiles made of terracotta from Mexico. Each tile is unique in imperfections, chips, and color. You can choose from different sizes and shapes.

With Perini tiles collection, there’s no need to look further. With their best interior designers, you can visit their showroom so they can assist you with your tile needs, depending on your design and budget. With Perini, you experience is important to them.