Based on experience, I’ve formed a theory that it’s impossible to move without either losing or breaking some of your belongings. Over the years I’ve shared this theory with others, and they wholeheartedly agree. Truly, moving sucks… and not merely because you’re pretty much guaranteed to lose or break something. It sucks because it’s stressful, because no one truly likes change, and because no matter how much you plan and organize, you’re just not going to have a 100% ‘smooth move’.

That being said, you can do your due diligence, plan, organize, and maybe score in the 80’s or even 90-percent range of executing a smooth move. But something you must remember is: the farther you move, the harder it is going to be to do it smoothly.

Even just moving across a city can be stressful and difficult. Moving across country… well the stress and difficulty pretty much grow exponentially. Moving coast to coast opens up a whole new ballpark of considerations that must be made and plans that need be compiled well in advance. You probably don’t even know it, but there are obstacles you will face that you haven’t even thought of yet. Here’s just a few:

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– Large, heavy furniture items

Most likely, not all of them will be coming with you. It’s on you to decide which you simply cannot part with, and how you will then transport them. Which of course leads you to the next food for thought.

– Budgetary constraints

Hey, we live in an age when just driving to and from work on a daily basis is a significant expenditure that needs to be budgeted for. What do you think a one-time drive across the country will cost you? Tack onto that a x2 calculation, because if you’re bringing twice the amount of stuff that you usually travel with, the costs are going to be AT LEAST double what you’re anticipating thus far. Insurance, gas, movers, base fees… each has its own dollar-signed figure attached to it, and they all add up to a pretty big sum in the end.

– Pets

If you’ve got mere furniture you’re attached to, chances are you don’t like the idea of bidding farewell to a long-time companion. For many of us, our pets are like family, and if we move, they move too, no questions asked. The reality however is, you’ve got tons of questions regarding what is the best option for moving them with you, when the move is from coast- to- coast.

‘Cause, let’s be realistic. Moving across country doesn’t happen overnight. Likely, it will be three or four days from start to finish. It will be long and tiring, but you know you can handle it… but can your dog or your cat? And, is it going to wear on your state- of- mind, knowing that you are putting them through an unpleasant situation in which you are simply unable to give them the attention that will make them feel better?

Gravol, a sedative and a plane ride: that’s the solution for moving your beloved pet coast- to- coast and making it as pain-fee as possible. Now, arranging such an itinerary and planning to pick them up on the other side? That’s just another thing you need to be thinking of!
Relax, and breathe. Make yourself a checklist of these and other issues well in advance. Set aside a little seed cash; you know you’re going to need it.

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