Summary: Want to spruce up your dull dreary living place? Go and toss over a pop of colors, sizes and shapes to add balance to your home decor.

 Mastering throw pillow mix is not a big deal. Here are some of the simplified design formulas you can consider. However, there is no reason to think that you don’t have the freedom to choose your options. There are no hard and fast rules. It is all about experimenting with things until you find the right combination.

Try out the following array of combinations that work great.


Try out this simple mix. This is going to have a big impact. Consider a strong pairing of opposite colors such as orange and blue, while choosing luxury throws for sofas. Make sure the backdrop is cream or white.

You can go with this combination in a more minimal room. The patterns are delicate, except for the strong geometric diamond pattern on the pillows. Toss over some solid pillows on the same gray tone to add balance.

1Small Pattern+1 Bold Pattern:

You can try this one in the next step. The pattern on the cream-colored pillows is so subtle that it practically seems solid.

Base of Primary Colors:

Have some fun playing with different shapes and colors. You can try out a variety of shapes including rectangles, squares, bolsters, etc. Be bold with primary colors. Apply a few punches of orange and play with different sizes and shapes in the Ottoman mix.

All Floral, All the Time:

If you visit a cottage in England, you will find no two floral prints are alike. In case a pair of floral prints don’t work, simply try out a third. Even if this combination fails, add a fourth, and so on, until you get the right combination. This mix comes with a wide range of floral styles, color palettes and scales, and the result is rewarding and inviting.

Try out with different pop floral prints mix and mingle. Experiment with some unexpected move such as pairing black and white with a colorful pattern. The pillow patterns certainly liven up the big brown sectional and add essence to the large and dark piece of furniture in the room.

Play with Patterns:

Use as many patterns as possible as long the common denominator is the same color palette. Toss over some decorative throw pillows onto the cushion or sofas. Make sure that you play with the scale of patterns as much as possible.


If you want to experiment with geometric tribal patterns, you can collect an interesting and harmonious group of products. The colors and patterns in this mix are subtle, delicate and diverse, most of the luxury pillows are flat woven, which tries the large group of them together.

Opposite Attract:

Pairing white with geometric pattern underlined by a slash of gold may sound a little crazy, but it is immensely striking and appropriate. The solid gold throw complements the two patterns.

1 Big Geometric + 1 Bold Floral1+ Small Geometric

This is a wonderful mix, and remember, the ottoman and wallpaper complement each other regarding scales, colors, and patterns. However, if you break it down to basics, you will find those three scales and shapes tied together by a pop of opposite colors, orange and blue.

And it Works:

Well breaking it down to basics, you can consider using black and white and neutrals, smashed with pink, but on a serious note, you can also try out an eye chart, one large flower, some sequins and contemporary prints. This is all meant for having fun. If spirit seizes you, try out the formulas and just have fun.

So stop thinking. Don’t demand an explanation why this eclectic mix works so well, but it does.

Author Bio: Rabi Paul is a reputed author and he has years of experience in writing on variety of topics. In his recent write-up, he talks about how to master the throw pillow mix.