Are you thinking of building a house? Do you have any idea of the materials you need for the roofing job? Prior to plunging in, it is important that you narrow down your choice of different roofing materials. The roof in your house is one of the most visible and attractive structures. It is that part of the home that serves as the focal point especially from a far. Therefore, it is necessary for you to choose the right roofing materials for your home wisely. When making your choice, you need to consider the quality, cost, warranty, style, durability and accessibility. Here, we will be having a detailed idea of the different materials needed for roofing.


This material provides a very elegant appearance and distinctive beauty to your roofs. It is because of its availability in different shades of grey, black, green, purple and red that this roofing material offers a great finish to roofs. Another noteworthy point is that slate is sustainable, fire resistant and can easily be recycled. It is quite durable at the same time. However, it is quite expensive owing to its weight and you, therefore, need a professional for installing it. Your roof might also need extra framing if you are using slate.

Restraint Straps

Restraint straps that are made of galvanised steel are of heavy duty nature and are also highly corrosion resistant. These are specifically designed for the purpose of vertical restraint like holding down wall plates. There are even straps available for a lateral restaurant to work against suction and wind pressure. Speaking of the materials you need for roofing, restraint straps make the most important ones. The products in this category available from reputed and efficient companies have the potential to last for a very long time.

Wood Shakes and Shingles

Wood shakes and shingles are generally made using cedar. However, there are even places around the world where they are made using redwood, yellow pine, cypress and other wood varieties. Shingles are generally swanned on both the sides for uniform thickness. On the other hand, shakes are split on either one or both surfaces for offering a more elegant and textured effect. It is also to be noted that wood shakes are thicker at their butt ends in comparison to wood shingles.


Metals roofs like the ones made of copper, aluminium or steel are considered the coolest roofing materials in terms of style and temperature for a home. One of the best things about these materials is that they can easily be recycled just like slate. Apart from this, metal roofs offer great durability and high insulation solar reflectance. Shingles made of metal simulate conventional roof covers. Not just longevity but metal shingles also tend to be lighter in comparison to the other materials. Metal is also resistant to harsh weather.

Roofing nails, tarp, sealant, joist hangers, damp proof course, brick full and builder’s metalwork are other roofing materials that you might need. The materials you need for your roofing should be carefully chosen, always have this in mind.