Double glazed windows are a common feature in modern homes because they provide an additional layer of protection against cold weather, even in the depths of winter. Furthermore, they also act as a layer of insulation, so that even during the hot summer months, a house can be kept at a cool and comfortable temperature. The problem is that over time, double glazed windows can develop problems that need to be repaired by experts.

Finding a Double Glazing Expert

If your double glazed windows are a bit old and are in need of repair or specialist care, it is entirely possible that the company who originally installed them is now out of business. This can be a real problem for homeowners, but the good news is that double glazing repairs in Largs can service any make and model of double glazed windows, no matter who originally installed them.

Common Problems with Double Glazing

Double glazed windows are fantastic in both summer or winter weather, but they don’t last forever. What begins as a small issue can become something that needs expert repair and care. The following are some common double glazing problems that technicians in this area often come across:

  • Misty glass: One of the most common issues that can arise with double glazed windows is the windows becoming misty or In this situation, it usually means that water and air have entered the seal. This is likely due to a broken seal, a crack, or another entry point.
  • Draughts: Another common issue is when people feel a draught coming through their double glazed windows or doors. This is usually due to a faulty, misaligned, or broken piece, such as a hinge.

If you enjoy your double glazed windows, it’s important to ensure that they remain in good condition. Whether you have draughts, broken hinges, or misted glass, it may be time to call an expert in to have a look at your windows.