No, you can’t just purchase a property and expect all members of your family to live happily in it. Whatever the price of that house is, it will never be the home your children and spouse would love unless you make some adjustments that will make the property suitable for your whole family.

We’re sure you feel exhausted with the whole purchasing or rental process that you don’t have extra energy for home remodeling. You may not even have the energy to research for interior designs that turn your property into a family-friendly home. So let us take care of that.

Today, we’re giving you at least four ideas for a home interior that will make your newly-purchased or rented property a happy place for your loved ones.

Cleanable paint 

Yes, there’s such a type of paint. If you want to save yourself from the hassle of scrubbing your walls intensely on a regular basis, please choose a washable paint. You know how hyperactive kids can get and the walls are the common victim of their playful nature. At the end of the day, it’s either you or the house cleaner who becomes the ultimate victim. Make this chore more bearable by choosing cleanable paint for your walls.

As discussed earlier, kind of home paint is designed to be cleansed easily. You wouldn’t even need a scrub for this. You can also choose a teflon-type paint that is scratch-resistant for your children’s playroom.

Cabinets and baskets all over 

Family homes have one common problem – messiness. Honestly, kids and adults alike mess the house up big time. And this mess often means a lot of things scattered on the floor. If you don’t want a mess like this, then give your kids (and husband) something to put their mess in. How? Place cabinets and baskets in all corners of the house.

These baskets and cabinets can be placed inside your house in a stylish manner. Having as many baskets and cabinets is also giving a modern comtemporary design for your home. You can have floating cabinets in the living room and beautiful baskets everywhere. You can even buy multi-functional sofa and chairs that serve as storage boxes as well.

Separate study area and playroom 

The bedroom can never be the study area and the playroom at the same time. If you want to teach discipline to your kids early on, let them have a room dedicated for playing and a separate room for studying alone.

This setup will help your kids focus on studying when it’s time to study. This teaches them that there’s a time for everything. After they’ve done with homework, then reward them by allowing them to go inside the playroom where all toys are placed. This does not only solve the issue of discipline but addresses the problem of a messy bedroom as well.

Outdoor living area

When budget is tight or you’re too tired to go out on weekends, it’s always great to have a living area where you and your kids can enjoy outdoors – your very own outdoor living area. You can put up some play equipment there where your kids can enjoy their childhood anytime. On some weekends, simply spread a huge colorful blanket on the grass and lay beside your kids, watching the movement of clouds with them, and having some snacks and tea party with your loved ones. After all, there are the moments they will always remember even when they grow old.