Awnings can get you more from your outdoor living space by helping in both the decorative and functional aspects. Awnings help make your patio and deck look attractive as well as colourful. Furthermore, they provide shade to make entertaining outdoor more comfortable and enjoyable. On the patio or deck, awnings not only provide shade and cooler temperatures they also ensure, weather does no damage to your outdoor furniture. Awnings over windows can significantly diminish your cooling costs in the summer, an additional benefit.

There are a hundreds of companies all selling you the patio awnings of your dreams. So, how might you make sure that you are making the right decision? Here are our key tips for choosing awnings for patio:

patio awnings

Are you are getting the awnings according to your needs?

There are several factors to be taken into account when buying awnings for patio:

  • Will the awning provide shade for the duration of the day?
  • What size awning will be right for you?
  • Which style of awning will perfectly fit in with your home?
  • Do you require a motorised or manual awning?
  • Will the awning be completely automatic?
  • Which fabric should you select?

Suppliers will reply to every one of these questions when they visit your home. The Design Consultants engaged by the suppliers will happily answer these and any other enquiries you may have. They will also make sure that you choose the right product to suit your requirements.

Do they provide automatic protection?

Intelligent sun sensors can sense when the sun is out and automatically run the awning even when you are not at home, minimising fading of furnishings. Wind sensors automatically retract the awning in stormy conditions, to protect both the awning and your home. Ensure the product that you choose has sun and wind sensors as standard.

Is your awning UV rated?

Damage from UV rays is a big problem and you must make sure that you are safe from its harmful effects while making the most of your garden. Buy only UV rated awning.

Are there optional accessories on offer?

Patio heaters and night lights help you get more from your product, allowing you to make the most of your garden in evenings and colder weather. Suppliers offer a variety of heaters and integral night-lights to complement an awning that you choose.

Are are getting value for your money?

Quality standards of patio awnings fluctuate a lot, like any other product. Be careful about awnings where the price seems ‘too good to be true’ – it likely is. Buy awning that is honestly priced and constructed from items of the highest quality.

Is there someone in your locale who can come and visit? A local representative will probably arrange a visit at a time convenient to you. It is also heartening to know that in case of any problems, there is someone nearby who can help you in buying patio awnings.

To sum up carefully decide the design, style, features and fabric when buying awnings for your patio. Finally, buy patio awnings from a reputable supplier that ensures excellent products and exceptional customer service.