At present, generally, the greater numbers of spy software offered in the marketplace focuses on a solitary sector, which is messaging. Nonetheless, Hoverwatch is multi-faceted.

 Below are some of the features of this app that makes it stand out amidst the crowd:

  • Using GPS, its location tracker works magnificently and presents you with a comprehensive sight of where the phone’s located presently and the time.
  • Recording of messages is done for both sent and received messages in conjunction with the recipient’s name and time. The text messages that are deleted also make their way into the app’s monitoring dashboard. Recording of Files and images sent via SMS is also done.
  • Social media supervision is also explored with every single message, video, file, and image sent over Whatsapp and Facebook.
  • In the event of the removal of the device’s SIM card the facts of this act also goes to the control panel.
  • SMS tracker hidden by Hoverwatch is among the greatest biggest benefits that the app serves. Basically, the app remains totally concealed from the user of a target device.
  • Besides presenting you with wide-ranging particulars of call logs, the recording of the call is also enabled in conjunction with the length of call, recipient, location, and a great deal more.
  • On every occasion that the home screen’s unlocked, the front-facing camera captures the snap of the user without his knowledge, which is then sent over to the controller’s dashboard account.
  • Schedules, Calendar, and every single indispensable to-do list are checked, saved and presented to you for supervising.

Using This Application

Making use of this software is a breeze. All that you require doing is register yourself for the online account for free using your mail and password. Finish the downloading and the installation of this tracker on the chosen device and voila you are ready to get on with the monitoring. With the individual dashboard account, you will get all the info there. The UI is easily usable and even for those who haven’t done this before it will be very easy.


Considering the plentiful features of this tracker there isn’t any doubt that you as the workplace boss can efficiently spy over the members of your staff while not interfering in their working space and having a bad effect on work relationship. Hoverwatch is offered at a rather decent cost. The family pack lets you monitor a maximum of 5 devices. For individual use, you can track s single device. Having started using this application, its need will be amplified. Going perfectly with your requirements, this is amongst the most user-friendly tracking modes that can be operated without any expertise. Thus, start making use of this app by registering for free at and do away with trepidations at the workspace and carry on workflow with absolute faith on the members of your staff.