The Hoover Max Extract 77 Multi-Surface Pro Carpet & Hard Floor Deep Cleaner is the perfect home carpet cleaner for every home. Unlike most models, it not only cleans carpets, but also hard floors.

Hoover carpet cleaners are famous for its deep-cleaning power, and the Max Extract bites the dust with its advanced configuration and number of brushes. The Hoover Max Extract actually has 77 counter rotating brushes divided around 11 spinscrub heads in 2 rows.

Along with the SpinScrub feature, there are various cleaning modes to choose from for optimal cleaning. They are the ‘Spill Pickup’, ‘Gentle Scrub’ and ‘Power Scrub’ modes to choose from and use accordingly for cleaning your carpets and hard surfaces.

Optimal cleaning technology

The MaxExtract Dual Nozzle Technology uses high suction levels to quickly extract dirty water from carpets for a thorough cleaning and quick drying afterwards. The carpet cleaner’s pressurized edge-to-edge cleaning feature helps remove the toughest stains by injecting a pressurized jet of water into the carpet to clean even the carpet edges.

Dual tank system

With separate tanks for dirty and clean water, it’s easier filling and emptying each tank, and there’s a minimal chance of clean and dirty water mixing up. While the carpet cleaner doesn’t have an internal heater to produce steam, machine safely works with hot water to help remove tough stains.

Widepath and CleanSurge cleaning

The wide cleaning path of the carpet cleaner assures 20% wider cleaning with each cleaning stroke. The Hoover Max Extract also offers CleanSurge technology where the single push of a button applies additional detergent and cleaning power to remove stubborn stains and for cleaning heavily trafficked areas.

AutoRinse feature

The carpet cleaner boasts of an AutoRinse feature which saves your cleaning time as it uses detergent while pushing the cleaner forwards and then rinses the same area with fresh water while pulling the cleaner backwards. This also avoids the hassles of remembering areas which were properly cleaned and which weren’t.

Separate detergent compartment

While the carpet cleaner has a separate detergent compartment, it gives optimal cleaning results by automatically mixing the detergent and water in the right ratio. However it’s also important to specifically use Hoover detergent for a thorough cleaning.


  • Max Extract Dual Nozzle technology gives a thorough cleaning and quickly dries carpets
  • Separate tanks for hot and cold water
  • AutoRinse feature helps save cleaning time
  • Cleans 20% wider space than other carpet cleaners
  • Squeegee attachment proves helpful while cleaning hard floors
  • Its 9 ft hose and 20-ft power cord doesn’t restrict movements while using the carpet cleaner
  • Comes with a 2-yaer warranty, which is longer than the normal 1-year warranty for other machines
  • Power Scrub Mode gives maximum cleaning power to deal with the toughest carpet stains
  • Spill Pick-Up mode is a suction only mode, perfect for cleaning odd spills


  • Have to move back after pushing forward a to prevent leaving water behind
  • Rather heavy for some people
  • Makes a lot of noise
  • Not effective for cleaning hard surfaces