It’s January, and cold wind is rattling your windows as trees blow outside. You pour yourself a cup of tea and settle down on the sofa, wrapped in slippers, fleece, and your favourite blanket. The heater’s on, but your nose is still cold. Why can’t you get warm?

The answer could be your garage door; they’re one of the top causes of wasted heat. You spend all your hard-earned money warming your house, only to have it blow out of your garage. Even worse, your door could be letting cold air in, making your garage damp, frigid and icy. This is because the door isn’t insulated. In the warmer months, it causes even more issues. Humidity from outside hangs in the air. With the chilly floor and dark corners, it’s the perfect place for mould and bugs to find a home. Don’t worry though – you’re not alone. It’s a common problem, and one you can easily fix.

Industrial Roller Shutters

A Happy Home Is a Warm Home

Typically clear plastic and weather strip are used as solutions for uninsulated doors. However, the clear plastic doesn’t do much to keep the heat in and the cold out – the air just passes right through. Furthermore, weather strip can be frustrating. It has to be replaced periodically. With regular wear and tear it can fall off. To truly be worry-free, you need to find a long-term solution: install an insulated garage door. At first this solution might seem a bit pricey, but it’s long-lasting, stress-free, and has many benefits.

Your new garage door should be designed to be energy-efficient. Examples of ones that do this are auto-roll insulated roller garage doors. They use an insulating foam and interlocking aluminium slats. This removes all possible spaces where air could leak in or out of your door. They’re good value because they’ll also improve the security of your house, make it easier for you to get in and out of your garage, with a button, and save you the hassle of freezing while you install the weather strip.

Easy Benefits with a Single Click              

You can brighten your house and improve its curb appeal by choosing a door in any size, shape, or colour you want – such as green, red, black, white, oak, or any shade in between. Your neighbours will admire how well your new door matches your house’s brick. They’ll also admire how smoothly the door moves at the push of a button. If they want to appreciate it on their own, though, they won’t be able to – its anti-lift straps lock in place, waiting for a rolling code. You’ll be able to sleep warm and safe, knowing your family is secure.

Buying an insulated garage door isn’t just a way to decrease your heating bill – it’s an investment in the security and care for your family. Even though it’s expensive, the overall benefit is undeniable. Sit back at your computer and order an insulated door: you’ll watch your heating bill lower and your home’s value rise.