If you want to make a smart purchase and use a heat pump for your home or small business, you may want to learn a bit more about just what a heat pump does. In basic terms, a heat pump is an energy-efficient system for heating and/or cooling that can contribute to a reduced energy bill for domestic or commercial buildings.

Some people find that this is a great way to heat water, especially during warmer weather, because the efficiency is about three times better than a traditional water heater. The difference lies in the way the heat pump uses the heat or warmth of the surrounding air. This allows it to operate even at night or during colder weather. One way to look at this involves the amount of electricity used to generate units of heat. The heat-pump method is, again, three to four times more efficient.

Reward Yourself

Some property owners may ask if they would benefit from what is commonly known as an air-source heat pump. The simple answer is “Yes.” If you’re giving thought to heat pump service in West Sussex, you’d be wise to work with a company committed to providing energy-efficient air conditioning, refrigeration, and climate control services for every commercial and residential client. They’ll use their decades of experience to provide bespoke design and installation as well as after-sale support and maintenance.

Air-source heat pumps can even be fitted to existing systems in addition to being used in new build installations. You could still be rewarded by a great energy solution even if you have an older system. This will be a highly economical way to provide the heating and cooling service that you need and deserve simply because it converts energy from the outside air by heating it up or cooling it down. You can learn more about this method by visiting the website of a well-known provider.

You should also call to talk to a knowledgeable member of the team and ask about the difference between air-to-air and air-to-water heat pumps. The first creates warm air and circulates it throughout your property with fans designed and installed specifically for this purpose. Air-to-water units distribute heat through an existing central heating system (wet) and can also be used to produce hot water.

Range of Options

You can get started by talking to a representative and requesting a free no-obligation quote, provided to you in writing. When you do, you’ll open the door to installation, maintenance, and repair of equipment such as ducted air-source heat pumps, floor standing heat pumps, flexi/universal air-source heat pumps, and wall-mounted air-source heat pumps. Be sure to request your free quote and ask about an on-site consultation.

Make your call today for heat pump service or for comprehensive cooling, heating, and ventilation service. Request assistance with commercial, domestic, retail, and leisure air conditioning. They’ll be able to assist with system design and installation along with after-sale maintenance and service. If you want to look closely at an energy-efficient way to heat and cool on your property, this is your source.