In order to damp proof your property or solve a dry rot issue, you need to work with a company that specialises in both these types of work. Today, innovative solutions make it possible for you to overcome a damp issue or a dry rot problem.

Eliminating Rising Damp

One of the newest ways to take care of rising damp is to use a safe electrical current. This is done by taking the following steps:

  • The current is introduced into the affected wall, just the above the surface ground.
  • A number of anodes made of titanium are inserted into the masonry. The goal is to distract the moisture molecules that so they move down the walls and innocuously back into the ground.

As long as the small and positive charge continues to be maintained, the walls will remain free of damp and therefore dry.

Controlling Dry Rot and Protecting Timbers

Because the climate in the UK is marked by snow and rain, homes are at an increased risk for invasion from fungi and insects. When timbers are not pre-treated, buildings can easily experience dry rot or timber decay. Therefore, a range of treatment options is offered for practicing Buxton damp and dry rot control.

For example, dry rot is handled with the following:

  • Wood preservatives
  • Masonry-type biocides
  • Inorganic borates, used for mild to moderate intervention treatments

Home Ventilation

Home ventilation is yet another technique that is used to displace vapour-filled air, cure condensation, or eliminate mould. During this treatment, fresh air comes inside a home through a filter by way of the loft.