There is absolute no doubt that Gurugram is indeed the most hot & happening place for commercial investments at present.

Gurugram, a lazy suburb in Haryana has changed into an ultra modern IT hub with scores of corporations and multinational companies setting shop in the area. Going back to its original moniker of Gurugram has not limited its stupendous growth, however. The commercial real estate developers as well as the residential ones are totally focused on the area, looking for lucrative clients who want every amenity possible. The property market has expanded hugely too and investing in upcoming commercial projects Gurugram promises great ROI at present.

However, that is certainly not the only reason to invest heavily in commercial properties in and around Gurugram. Find the details below and put in your lot into this melting pot of diverse cultures too.

Why are commercial investments in Gurugram thriving at the moment?

Industrial Hub– The city offers a number of excellent facilities that are indispensable for the growth of various industries in the region. Being the home of India’s leading automobile factory, Maruti Suzuki, the city has seen tremendous expansion in all sectors of industry from IT to manufacturing units and Fortune 500 companies. Gurugram is ranked third among the wealthiest workforce of the nation at present. It is little wonder therefore that the city would turn out to be the Number one destination for commercial investments.

Infrastructure– There has been a major up scaling of infrastructure in the city over the past couple of years. The developers now offer close proximity to the upcoming major roadways such as the Dwarka Expressway. The water and power situation has improved drastically too luring hordes of companies to look for a suitable office premises within the city. This translates into an excellent opportunity for commercial investors who are indeed making a beeline for Gurugram as it is expected to provide a good ROI.

Standard of Living– Gurugram is now far removed from the semi-rural place that it had been just a few years ago. With the local populace mingling with the top celebs and politicos from the capital of India and the entertainment industry keen to gain a foothold in the upcoming market, the life style of the residents have gone up considerably. The NRI brigade along with the corporate employed in multinationals are keen on buying designer articles and branded clothing at higher prices now. Shopping Malls and high class supermarkets have come up in a big way making the business community of India eager to invest heavily in commercial properties.

Transportation– Gurugram enjoys a wide spread and smooth transportation service unlike other areas of NCR. With the ability of the work force to commute regularly from Delhi and other neighboring areas, transportation plays a major part in promotion of the area as a lucrative commercial property market. The advantage of being able to link to New Delhi rapidly via the Metro system and private shuttles plying round the clock carrying passengers to and from the city’s airport compels almost all investors to buy upcoming commercial properties in the city.

Multiple advantages that Gurugram offers makes it one of the top destinations for commercial property investment at present.