There was a time when people preferred metal or wood balustrades, but over the years the trend has changed and now people are going for glass balustrades. These glass balustrades seem to be ideal for outdoors as well as indoors. Besides being attractive they are safe and eco-friendly. Basically it is a material that acts as fencing or a safety barrier. You can make your choice from a number of designs like curved, textured, framed, and fully framed or semi framed. As they are extremely versatile these can be used in interior and exterior staircases, decks, balconies, pool fencing and also for verandahs. Glass Balustrades seem to be the preferred choice for a multiple reasons and few of them are listed below.

Office building staircase

  1. Maintenance of Glass Balustrades is Easy

As the material used here is glass, it is easy to clean and you will be able to use detergents that are eco-friendly to give it the shine and sparkle that is required. If you find your glass balustrade scratched or damaged in any which way, you will be able to restore its original look by polishing, this is one big advantage as compared to metal and wood balustrades.

  1. Glass Balustrades are eco-friendly

If you are someone who believes in saving the environment, these glass balustrades are perfect, as being eco-friendly it can be recycled, in addition to the fact that glass does not emit any substances that are hazardous, or even corrode like other metals emitting gases which harm the environment. You will find the fixtures and fittings that are used to maintain the glass balustrades are normally manufactured from high quality powder coated aluminum or stainless steel.

  1. Light is not blocked and there is a feeling of space

Glass balustrades do not block light, and this is one of the biggest reasons for maximum number of people making it their choice. As it allows ample light to pass through there is a feeling of space besides which it does not block your view, and you can have a 100% visibility. As these glass balustrades can create a feeling of space it makes your home seem larger than what it really is, as like in brick walls you in no way perceive glass limiting your movements. This is not possible if you opt for metal or wooden balustrades.

  1. The Safety factor taken into consideration

The moment you mention glass, many people may feel it is not that safe, but as glass balustrades are manufactured after adhering to the standards and regulations nationwide, the safety factor has been carefully looked into. You can be assured that in actuality these glass balustrades are safer as compared to metal and wooden balustrades; this is because these are made from thick and firm tempered safety glass which can easily break under severe conditions. Even if the glass does break due to unavoidable circumstances, you will find that the edges are not sharp, so you can think of these for a home even with small children.

  1. Versatility of the Design with Glass Balustrades

You will find that glass can easily combine with other materials, unlike wood and metal. Due to this versatility you find more choices textures, colors and framing options. You can think of the glass balustrades for modern and also the traditional homes to give an extra touch of elegance and style to your home or office.

Make the right option in the choice of the manufacturer

You need to make sure that the supplier or the manufacturer of these glass balustrades is well versed with the various ways to fit these, making sure to follow the specifications of the building codes, and that the hardware is of superior quality so that there is no question of compromise on this.