If you need liquid petroleum gas cylinders, just click on the net. You’ll find reliable suppliers who not only sell great products but who also offer an efficient service too. With many years of experience behind them, online retailers sell:-

–           different types of gas products

–           multiple gas types

–           facilities to mix and test specialty gas

Reputable LPG cylinder specialists also offer welding, industrial, LPG and balloon gas services.

A wide range of products

Expect to find a wide range of products when you browse gas suppliers’ websites. For the domestic market you can buy special domestic LPG bottles and heaters. Online gas providers also sell gas for cooking with a free cylinder swap service when you run out and need to reorder.

There are so many heaters to choose from on LPG gas cylinder websites like:-

  1. patio heaters
  2. blow heaters
  3. radiant heaters
  4. fire fountain gas heaters
  5. fire lamp gas heaters

For welding, cutting, localised heating and flame hardening, choose from argon gas, acetylene, shielding gas and CO2. There’s a suitable type of gas for just about any job.

The hospitality sector

Online gas providers even sell gas for the hospitality market. Gases include carbon dioxide, nitrogen and gases for beer dispensing. If you’re organising a party or celebration, make contact and ask about helium gas to fill balloons, kids just love them.

There are CO2 cylinders available to buy in a variety of sizes such as:-

  1. 6 kg
  2. 10 kg
  3. 22 kg
  4. 30 kg

Carbon dioxide is a versatile gas and can be safely used for dispensing beer, soft drinks or wine, in restaurants and welding. Make enquiries soon and speak to a friendly adviser who will give all the help they can to assist you.


Testimonials and questions

Click online and read the many positive testimonials previous customers have left regarding gas products and services. Comments like the following will give you a good idea of what to expect when you order gas cylinders from online suppliers:-

“our order was processed and delivered promptly”

“thanks for delivering a gas cylinder when ours ran out, even though it was late at night”

“a high quality and friendly service, with excellent products”

Not only will testimonials help you choose the right product, there’s also a frequently asked questions section online. Read the answers to the following questions to get more information:-

  1. What is LPG?
  2. How long will an LPG cylinder last?
  3. How can I tell if the cylinder has a leak?
  4. Is LPG toxic?

Put your mind at ease knowing how safe liquid petroleum gas is by doing a little research before placing an order.

Safety is paramount

As with any type of gas in the home or at work, safety is very important. If you happen to smell gas, switch the cylinder off immediately. Always follow the stringent gas safety rules and you’re sure to be fine.