The new 2019 home furnishing trends provide a detachment from the styles seen in the past years and many novelties. Here then, some curiosity and anticipation, on the novelties for the furnishing of our house for the fall / winter 2018/2019.

Living well is the watchword of this new two-year period 2018/19: it is inspired by the Nordic style to characterize warm and welcoming environments, with minimal design. All the spaces, both the sleeping area and the living area, are characterized by all the necessary to live in the best way but without excesses: wallpapers on the walls, plants, enveloping fabrics for a cozy and stylish home.

So even upholstered chairs and rugs are back in vogue, both for the living area and for the sleeping area, characterized by geometric patterns and rich and colored textures, identified in a pleasant and light mix between an ethnic style and a 70s design.

Another trend that will take hold in the home furnishings 2019, will be the softness, characterized by enveloping upholstered furniture such as modern sofas and armchairs, with an essential style, coupled with 80s long-haired rugs on which to lie down. Design, softness and essentiality will be the characteristics of the most welcoming environments of the home.

Materials and spatial solutions

We will certainly meet natural materials and unworked wood, for the home trends of this fall / winter 2018/2019. We will also see important contrasts between natural wood and materials characterized by bright and vivid colors, for a touch of style and character in the rooms. The Scandinavian design is also on trend, even if it is slowly giving way to increasingly rich and embellished interior furnishings.
The glass will be the undisputed protagonist: we will see the new furniture and design characterized by a lot of printed glass, with very modern and semi-transparent textures, we will discover silk-screened, pleated, tempered glass.

Another 2019 furniture and design trend will be the use of multifunctional furniture: a real storage space adaptable to different needs. The aim is to adopt intelligent space-saving and design solutions that are practical and beautiful to look at, in short, a fluid environment in constant motion, always ready to adapt to the requests and needs of the user.

      1. Design trends for the bathroom

One of the main characteristics of the new trends is definitely the return to gold, not just for the bathroom. In this new cold season, metals will be much used, especially with golden details: we will see many compliments made in gold style including lamps, faucets, mirrors, accessories and small objects.

  • Colors

We will greet the pastel colors of the past years: this year the season will focus on bright and saturated colors. The colors of the new season will be a decided pink for 2018 and for the 2019 trends we will see green, dark red, orange and blue in stark contrast.

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Seth Frantz
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