Who doesn’t want to live in a posh house with all added amenities in it? Everyone does and those are some ways to keep the conversation going. The amenities here I talk about is not that extra wheel you carry in case you needed a change, but a necessary and added beauty to beautify your home further. Here are some added attractions you can bring in to your home to get that extra attention and that which serves also as a multi-star type view every day.


What makes your house eye-catching and also the first thing people will talk about your house is the beautiful frontage you maintain. Have a Posh as well as an elite frontage so as to have that rich and royal look and if not for others, even you will feel relaxed and amused every day you see it. There are planners and architectures that can help you in creating customized frontage for your house and at a very reasonable price.

Living room:

This is the place where most conversations or like very common conversations with the family members takes place. This can be kept quite plain but in an elegantly plain way, like opting for a neutral color, going in for a cool ambience and some potted beauties that can freshen up the air in a natural way. Also, the extra detailing lies in the lighting you choose and the decors you opt. keep it minimum and pleasant so the living room becomes a place of subtle beauty.

The Deck:

The deck is usually built outdoor and is raised from the floor and this is the recent addition to even normal houses ad this makes conversation healthier and give you the feel of owning a spa of your own. Decks are becoming popular among the community as this can also be customized with pool or without a pool and according to the space available. Check out this  http://utah-decks.com/salt-lake-city/ – Utah decks as they create some amazing decks for homes. The detail in the design they opt will make you cherish your decision of choosing these lovely builders.

The balcony:

The balcony is another option that will give that tangible look of being inside a posh house. There are internal balcony’s nowadays that incorporates few indoor plants a swing and a simple coffee table set. You can also go in for a separate balcony that will have a tree door and added stuff like a complete set of wood furniture and customized hangings and some plants. Believe me, once done properly this will become the favorite part of the hose.


The best is saved for the last and yes it is the garden. Garden is proved to improve one’s stress levels, moods and it also acts as an anti-depressant. So maintaining a garden is good for your health both physical and mental. Maintain a garden with edible plants, flowers, creepers, and crawlers and look for yourself the beauty that it adds to your house.