If your home has been hit by mould or condensation you need a damp proofing specialist to handle it. A specialist will first identify how grave the problem is and then come up with effective remedies. There is a whole team that conducts the preliminary investigations who note down what they see. The investigation is detailed and is done to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong. After all the troubled spots are detected the next course of action is decided. First the source of the damp is found. Next the route that the damp is taking to penetrate into your home is identified. Finally, the treatment method is determined to block the damp, and ensure it doesn’t reoccur in future.

Finding Out The Causes Is More Important

It is more important to identify the causes of the damp, instead of pinpointing the symptoms of the damp. Damp proofing Surrey is better handled by an experienced hand because this work requires a high level of technical knowledge. If the diagnoses are faulty the problem can linger and become worse with time. A knowledgeable person will try to find the root cause of the problem, so that an effective solution can be found.

The sources of damp can be varied that call for a thorough investigation. Rising damp is brought on due to groundwater. Whereas penetrating damp is almost always caused by rainwater. A leak in waste pipe, or a leak in storm drains are other likely sources that trigger damp. On top of that plumbing leaks are also responsible for damp. Only an experienced hand can correctly check all the sources.

Damp proofing

Once the identification has been made an expert can suggest ways to manage the problem. A trained investigator can also guide you regarding ways to recover the cost of repairs. Homes are almost always having an insurance, so that instrument comes in handy at this point in time. Means you are able to save the repair costs which can pile up.

Materials you use to construct your house like brick, stone, are porous. Damp from the ground can easily move up through this material. Ground salts that are carried with it suck the moisture in the air and that gives rise to dampness in the walls. As a result the internal plaster breaks down. At this point  damp proofing Surrey come into the picture. A specialist team first injects chemical damp proof course, and subsequent to that carries out replastering.

Replastering is another specialist job. In order to manage the damp problem a high quality damp proof course need to be installed; thereon, specialist replastering work needs to be carried out. Homeowners often try to perform replastering on their own. My suggestion to them is to pick an expert for this task, because a specialist knows how to apply the plaster correctly. Furthermore, plastering work has to be carried out as per the specification sheet. Non adherence to this plaster application can break down the damp proof course. So don’t try to do this work yourself. Also, don’t rely on a general plasterer; he can ruin your property.