How to take care of a carpet so that it might please its owner as long as possible with brightness of colors and keep its volume and splendor? There are some simple rules to take care of household carpets:

After the wet cleaning, it is undesirable to place the carpet on the wet floor.

Periodically, you have to rotate the carpet, change its location in such a way to prevent the occurrence of abrasions in places where the carpet has very high mechanical loads.


If heavy furniture stands on carpet, then you should put a soft rubber pieces or ordinary stationery eraser under its feet.

If the abrasions appear on the carpet, you can sew up them with the threads in the tone of carpet. It must be done on the inner side and then you have to cut the loops which will be remained on the front surface of the carpet.

In order to bring grease spots and other dirt from the carpet, you just need to sprinkle the wood sawdust, soaked in gasoline.

Solution of vinegar helps to update the original carpet color (per 1 liter of water – 1 teaspoon of vinegar). You need to soak brush in this solution and to brush in the direction of the nap of carpet.

Finally, the last important rule: you have to clean home carpet regularly, and not just with a vacuum cleaner. In summer it is desirable to “ventilate” the carpet: bring it out and to dust off. In winter you can clean the carpet with fresh snow. There are many other ways to clean your carpet.

Now we have come close to the next issue – carpet cleaning. What should we use for carpet cleaning and how to do it at home? We will discuss it further.

Many people mistakenly believe that the carpet cleaning process should be limited only by the usage of a vacuum cleaner. But not only dust is a source of contamination of carpets, so you need to use other methods of purification too.

Firstly it is important to learn how to determine when your carpet requires a new cleaning. As a rule, you need to clean the carpet in the following cases:

When your carpet accumulated a sufficient amount of dust;

When the carpet is stained (wine, oil, or chocolate), usually this happens after a large-scale feasts and celebrations;

When your carpet begins to smell unpleasantly;

When you have pets, which are not yet accustomed to the toilet (in this case, very often it is necessary to look for professional help, because it is difficult to get rid of the smell of animal urine).

Obviously, if in the house there are small children or animals, you have to clean the carpets more often.

How can you clean the carpet at home?

Today, a big number of carpet cleaners at home are used. So, we for cleaning of home carpets:


You need to use scouring powders to remove resistant dirt or stains from the surface of the carpet. The store offers a large selection of such powders, and the whole cleaning procedure is usually described in detail in the instructions for the particular product.


Apart from powders it is another mean of so-called dry carpet cleaning. Foam – is a great cleaning product with significant advantages:

It cleans strong dirt;

It prevents the rapid contamination of the carpet in the future.

The foam is applied to the surface from a distance of 50 centimeters and is rubbed carefully with a brush. Then, you need to wait until the foam is completely absorbed into the nappy cover (for two hours), and after that you can clean the surface of the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

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