There is hardly anyone who doesn’t love being around or near water. However, not everyone is blessed with a lakefront property. So, what can be done then?

Well, fortunately, if you even have a little space around your property, you can too build up your own water garden with some exciting and pretty pond construction supplies. Read on to know about some of the basic yet important backyard pond equipment as well as supplies for the water gardens.

Quick Note on Water Garden Supplies

If you don’t have any soil or much space, then thinking about actual pond might not be a good idea. However, any container that can hold water can easily be turned into small water garden and can easily be kept on balcony or patio.

Now, if you want to dig a pond, make sure to decide how big you exactly want it and what your local laws allow. A water body deeper than around 18 inches needs to be surrounded by fence. Ideal depth of pond having fish and plants is in the range of 18 to 24 inches. However, if you don’t or can’t build fence, you can even go shallower.

Required equipment for the backyard water gardening

While some water garden supplies can be used purely for aesthetics, there are some which are necessary as well. Read on to learn about them.

  • Accent around water’s edge can help highlight it as well as separate it from yard. This can be easily achieved with rocks, bricks, low plants, and wood.
  • In case you want fish to be added, make sure to be particular about the species you consider. Can they survive the winter? While koi are quite popular ones, they require air pump for adding oxygen to water. Plus, they will also have to be properly fed regularly.
  • Layer of rocks are important and useful backyard pond equipment. While it might not be necessary, it makes pond look much more natural along with protecting the line from the UV damage.

Pond design Considerations

  • Depth – It is essential to make the pond adequately deep even if you don’t want to build large pond. Shallow ponds may heat up too much especially in summers and freeze in winter.
  • Size – Make your pond as large as possible! Plan your pond well and then you can just double the size.
  • Shelves – Ledges or shelves for the plants aren’t vital in pond design, but having them for placing plants on can make it quite easier than arranging plants on blocks. Having shelves at different depths allows for the placement of the plants having different requirements.
  • Filtration – This is indeed one of the most essential components of pond. A well sized filter implies better water quality, less maintenance, and healthier fish. If you can really afford it, go for the next biggest filter that you plan to buy.

So, if you too love water and want to always be near it, ensure to go for best water supplies equipment by Swell UK and create a lovely backyard pond for you. It will be an investment worth your money and investment!