It is amazing how much of a different a thorough vacuuming can make to the look and feel of a property. With a little elbow grease, people can dramatically enhance their properties. Meanwhile, if consumers’ vacuums breakdown or need replacement parts, they can simply head online to source Dyson spares. This is much cheaper than purchasing new versions. It is also kinder to the environment.

When homes are not kept clean and tidy, their owners can end up feeling ashamed of them, and this can prevent them from asking visitors around.

Indeed, it seems as though a considerable number of Brits are embarrassed about the state of their abodes. According to research conducted by Dulux, seven in ten UK consumers are ashamed of their houses or flats, while nearly half (47 per cent) avoid inviting friends and family round for this reason.

In addition, 31 per cent of singletons say their love lives have suffered because they have to hide their homes from potential partners.

The same number said they would prefer to move to new properties rather than improve their current homes. Many of these people may be making a mistake. With minimal expenditure, it can be possible to completely change the way rooms look.

For example, by investing in Dyson spare parts and giving spaces a good vacuum, consumers can improve the impression they make. Also, a simple splash of paint and the addition of some stylish new accessories, such as attractive cushions or artwork, can bring rooms to life.

Of the 2,000 people polled by Dulux, 26 per cent revealed they have never hosted social events in their homes because they were too ashamed. Respondents were most embarrassed by their bedrooms. This was followed by their bathrooms and lounges.

Dated or marked carpets, cracked ceilings or walls, ageing wallpaper, bad colour schemes and faded paintwork were the most common complaints.

Responding to the findings, celebrity interior designer and Dulux ambassador Jo Hamilton said: “The study reveals how the British are embarrassed by their homes and the impact this is having on their social lives. It’s a shame that so much living space is left unused when it’s so easily rectified, without having to spend a fortune.

“I believe everyone should live in a home that makes them comfortable and happy and one that they can be proud of. I am passionate about helping people get the homes they long for. A little basic knowledge goes a long way in building the confidence to be bold with colour and to help create a beautiful living space that we can really enjoy.”

Anyone who is keen to invest in Dyson parts to help ensure they are able to keep their properties spic and span can head online. It is now easy to find these products in cyberspace and, as long as consumers know where to look, they can benefit from superb value for money too. All they need in order to investigate their options are a spare few moments and a web connection.