Upon entering into a healthcare facility, you will see lots of people including employees working to ensure a safe, secured environment for patient. Healthcare facilities are used for varied tasks hence the need to be prepared for disaster of any sort including contagious illness breakout. One of the best ways to properly handle such situation is by using precision air flow control systems.

Precision airflow control systems are designed specifically for businesses that do need them. This system ensures your work environment is healthy, safe and functional for everyone. Some of the facilities that require precision control system include veterinary research and testing facilities, hospitals, laboratories, research labs at universities and hospitals as well as isolation suites within hospitals, and much more. For those businesses looking to buy this system, there is no better place to look than Phoenix Controls. They have the most reliable, high quality and efficient precision air flow control for establishments of all types. Behind the scenes of advanced technological equipment, and highly experienced workers, is one of the most effective systems used for regulating heating, cooling and improving the quality of air. One of the reasons why businesses opt for this advanced system is the ability to contain the spread of airborne pathogens, reduce cost of operating the business and ensuring a safe environment for patient care.

Where can it be used?

Healthcare facilities comes in different shapes and sizes all around the world. Precision air flow control systems can be applicable to different work environments but is mostly used in

Isolated area

One of the reasons why most healthcare facilities opt for precision air flow control systems is when there is a risk of highly contaminated disease within the facility. There are patients with rare symptoms that require further testing and if not properly examined and treated can become contagious. Such patients are directed to the isolated chambers until the threat is eliminated. In order to protect the health of both employees and patients within the facility, there is need to install the precision system, which helps to improve the air quality guaranteeing a safe environment for people who enter.

Operating rooms

The operating room in the hospital is also another area that requires precision air flow control systems. While surgery activities is ongoing, there is a higher probability that airborne pathogen can escape from the open body into the air. With a good precision system, it will help reduce the risk of these airborne pathogens from spreading, thus creating pandemic. This system also helps sterilize the air while the cleaners are saddled with the responsibility of sterilizing the equipment used within the operating rooms.

Intensive care units

Intensive care unit in healthcare facilities accommodates patients with highly sensitive immune systems. Illnesses such as common cold can make worsen these individuals health system which might sometimes lead to death. A precision system will help regulate the temperature to disrupt the spread of airborne pathogens while also preventing any type of illnesses presented by patients within the facility.


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