People in Attenborough believe in easy access. That is why automatic doors are touted in the village and suburb. After all, the platforms at the local railway station were considered the lengthiest in Europe during World War II. Therefore, people like to have swift and easy access.

Fast-action Portals

As a result, companies such as Attenborough Doors Ltd feature a variety of automatic doors for industrial use. These types of doors are not only convenient to use; they also enhance building safety. Therefore, investing in fast-action Attenborough doors can help ensure the security of your company.

Keep Draughts and Vandals at Bay

Automatic doors speedily open and shut so that workers are safeguarded against the weather and trespassers. When you install this type of door, your machines will stay drier too, which will prolong their operational life. In addition, companies save energy when automatic doors are used. That is because the doors open and close quickly, which reduces the number of draughts entering a facility.

What to Seek in a Door Dealer

When you work with a company like Attenborough Doors Ltd, you can enjoy assistance with budget planning, premium customer service, cost-efficient solutions, and access to a significant amount of product knowledge.

Other Types of Doors or Gates Used in Industrial and Business Facilities

Companies such as Attenborough Doors Ltd do not limit their product line to automatic doors. They also supply manually operated doors that offer a secure barrier. Some of the products featured include the following:

  • Roller shutter doors
  • Doors for retail businesses
  • Sectional doors
  • Doors made with insulation
  • Fire doors
  • Doors made of steel
  • Aluminium doors
  • Security grilles
  • Industrial gates and vehicle barriers

Choose a Full Service Company with a Full Product Line

As you can see, when you work with a supplier who offers a full selection of doors in its line-up, you can obtain just the right type of door needed for your particular business. By using a company that manufactures and installs a wide array of door products, you will always have access to the type of door you require.

Off-the-Shelf and Purpose Built Selections

For example, if you need an automatic door for your industrial plant but also require industrial doors, you can turn to the same supplier. Industrial doors can be standard-made or purpose-built. The standard doors are hinged steel doors, and are an off-the-shelf option most often used for emergency exits.

A Fire-resistant Door

If you need a purpose-made door, it too will be designed as a hinged-steel door, specifically made to offer additional security and strength. This type of door also offers fire resistance that provides coverage for up to two hours.

Roller Shutter Doors for Industrial Facilities

In addition, roller shutter doors can be made for industrial facilities. These doors feature dog bolts and hinges, and are assembled in the factory with a leaf and frame. A weather seal is placed on the doors for additional protection. Doors of this type come factory-finished in a primer of grey or an internationally standard colour.