Moving to a new place is scary for some people. Aside from the thought of having to adjust to new people and new environment, the actual move can be very daunting especially if you don’t have any idea how to go about in preparing for it.

Fortunately, moving businesses are already available to help you out. To make things easier and stress-free, here are 8 tips about moving that you should consider taking:

  1. If possible, plan early.

Packing takes a lot of time. Moving, even more. Make sure to come up with an organized plan as soon as you confirm the date of your move.

  1. Have a logistics-based strategy.

Your strategy for the move should be based on logistics to make it easier to remember and relay to your movers. Contacting a moving company for this would be wise. You may also need to rent a truck or moving vehicle for an entire day if you either have a lot of things to move or if your old place is far from your new one.

  1. Maintain constant communication with the moving company of your choice.

When you decide to hire people to help you out with the move, it is best to keep them in the loop. If there are any changes in schedule, place, or setup, let them know immediately. You should also inform them about the number of bulky items that need to be moved so they can bring enough people on the day itself.

  1. Know the size of vehicle you need.

This should be based on the number and size of your belongings. If you’re unsure about your estimate, you can seek the help of professionals for this one to avoid delays and mishaps during the day of your move.

  1. Take the opportunity to get rid of things you don’t use anymore.

Aside from minimalists, people have tons of stuff that they don’t need or use anymore. Since you’re already into packing your things, take advantage of the opportunity and go on a purge for items you can donate, sell, or just throw out.

  1. Pack a “moving essentials” bag.

Aside from scissors, box cutter, and tons of tape, you should remember to pack a bag of necessities for when you are set to move. This includes food, clothing, water, and medications. This way, you should be able to survive a couple of days in your new home even if you haven’t gotten halfway through unpacking.

  1. Don’t overthink it.

Sometimes, packing your stuff brings you so much nostalgia you just can’t focus on the task at hand. When you have a short time packing, you can skip the box labeling and just maintain a list stating the location of items according to their categories.

  1. Delay deliveries until you move to your new place.

Deliveries of your magazine or newspaper subscriptions should be put on hold until you move to your new house. Afterward, you should remember to contact these companies to change your address or cancel the subscription in case your new place is no longer within their coverage area.