Nah that just won’t happen to me! I’m way too smart to be caught out by that kind of thing! Etc. etc. etc. Although many folk reckon it won’t happen to them, moving scams do happen. That is why anybody thinking of moving should get to know how to avoid the scams and what are the major signs that a company is planning to rip you off.


They Are Out There

  1. If you simply put removal scam stories into a search engine, you can find various tales of woe, and not from just wide and far, but in the same neck of the woods as yourselves! So it’s in your best interests to make sure you use a distinguished company. You need to know how not to get scammed by mover tricksters, and what the major indicators are that should set the alarm bells ringing, for any possible unethical conduct. Try following these simple tips.
  2. Get a quote and get it written down. Most respectable companies out there will easily provide you with a written estimate including both the price and the service. Should they tell you that a quote over the phone is ‘just about right,’ be careful! This might just be an indicator that they might charge you some extras later on, without a warning.
  3. Go online and look out for reviews. The Internet has made life that much easier to look at and book all kinds of different services such as movers in Stamford. The Web has also given everybody the option to check out what other customers have to say about specific companies.
  4. When doing research, run a mover’s name for previous scams. It won’t take long on a search engine and could save you so much pain and misery later on. Simply type in the company’s name with ‘scam’ on the end of your search query. You will then see if there have been any prior complaints regarding the company you’re thinking of using.
  5. Don’t be shy to ask all the right questions. If you don’t want sleepless nights, simply leave no question unasked. This will include questions related to the relocation process, the pricing and what its’ being spent on, what type of vehicle, and anything else that might concern you. Also, be aware that scammers are not good with specifics. So, if you notice that your questions are giving them a hard time, then it might just be a good idea to forget about using that particular company.
  6. Don’t make any payments without a document. Should there be problems later, you will have your claims backed up by a signed document. In the past, stories have emerged of dodgy companies asking their clients to sign blank papers and unfortunately they did. Ensure that the company gives you a signed document defining all the services, the price, plus the company details on it.

You will find that if you simply follow the above tips, everything should be no problem at all and your moving plans should go just as you always wanted them to. Good luck!