The battle between gas and electric heating has been raging almost as long as the systems themselves, and while many people will swear by electric fires, gas has always had the edge, and with a ready supply piped across the nation, gas is the ideal choice for many reasons, and here are just a few.

  1. Focus on Specific Rooms – While you want to be able to heat the entire house, you normally only require the central rooms, such as the living and dining areas, to be heated, and gas allows you finer control over your heating system. A modern gas fire can be incorporated into a stylish fireplace, and this will give you the ideal heating for the most important room of the house.
  2. No Chimney Required – Modern solutions allow a gas fire to be safely installed without the use of a chimney, as vent-less technology sends the by product through a single pipe to a vent on the exterior wall. Of course, if you have a chimney already in place, this can be utilised, but the absence of this does not limit you with gas. If you live in the northern part of England, you will be familiar with the freezing weather and biting winds, but there are gas fires in Yorkshire that will provide you and your family with the essential heating in the winter, and by dealing with an established supplier, you can be sure of the best quality and service.
  3. Flame Control – Ever experienced trying to achieve the right temperature with a wood burning fire? It can be difficult, and just when you finally get it right, it’s time to load up more fuel. Gas gives you instant flame and heat control, and that means you aren’t wasting valuable energy with over-heating. Fine adjustment on thermostats makes for cost-efficient fuel use, and with an established supplier-fitter, your new heating source will be safe and will remain in good working order for many years. You will certainly appreciate having a gas fire when you return to a cold house and want things to warm up quickly, as gas gives an instant heat, and with a high setting, the home will soon be comfortable.
  4. Unlimited Style Options – Modern gas fires can be incorporated into any design concept, whether modern or traditional, and with fireplace design using a range of materials, one can really make a statement. Modern homes would benefit from a flush wall unit, and with stainless steel and special glass coverings, your new fireplace will be the focal point of the room.
  5. Clean and Renewable – Natural gas has long been the preferred winter fuel in the British Isles, and with an underground network of piping, every home can easily benefit from this affordable energy source.

Gas fires are perhaps the most efficient way to heat the home, and with modern appliances and a range of designs, there is no limit to what you can do.