London has some great locations worth considering as places to live. But in recent years a new trend is emerging, that is, buying property in Essex. Property in Essex is getting hotter and there are a whole host of reasons why.

Here are some of the reasons why buying property in this county makes sense:

Reason 1: People looking to have regular contact with the countryside can consider Essex as an ideal place to live. No doubt, London is a great place to settle considering the range of parks and parkland that it has to offer to residents. But, the capital also has a drawback. Living here sometimes seems a little claustrophobic. Essex in comparison offers residents abundant opportunities to visit open countryside without much hassle.

Reason 2: The links going to the capital from Essex towns are pretty good. Thus, people commuting to London regularly, rarely face any inconvenience. If you are travelling during the day, the time you’ll take to reach London from Essex will come to around 2 hours. Whereas, if you travel at night you’ll take around an hour to get to the capital. From Colchester, for instance, the time needed to reach London is one hour, while to get to Chelmsford, it is 30 minutes.

Reason 3: Another reason that people choose to buy a house in Essex is the wonderful shopping options that this place offers. Romford is the place to head to if shopping is in your mind. Here you’ll find a large number of shops that sell a wide range of items for all kinds of people. The Lakeside Shopping Centre is another hot shopping destination. There are around 300 fully functional shops in this large out-of-town shopping place that sell a variety of merchandise. Lakeside attracts even people living in London who come here to experience shopping of an altogether different level.

Reason 4: If you are in the mood of partying then you may find Colchester a good option. This town is considered the country’s best nightspot. According to a top estate agent of the area, Balgores Property Services, Colchester is one of the popular places in Essex, to buy a home.

Reason 5: Essex has plenty of locations for people looking for more countrified experiences. If you have a property here you can enjoy all these idyllic locations. One of the hot spots is the Constable Country. It is within easy reach of many Essex towns.

Due to these whole ranges of reasons property in Essex is steadily increasing in popularity. In the opinion of the local property consultant, Balgores Property Services, the major allure is the countryside, coupled with the attractions of London.

Taking into account all these factors buying property in London sounds too good to be ignored. People looking to explore this proposition in greater depth must get in touch with a good estate agent. However, don’t try to buy a house in haste. Buying property in Essex can get complicated so consulting an estate agent is essential.